Bull Riding: Rodeo’s Most Dangerous 8 Seconds

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Bull Riding: Rodeo’s Most Dangerous 8 Seconds

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He also talks to the people who help make bull riding possible, the stock contractors and organizers, and the guys who save bull riders’ lives every time they ride, the bullfighters and rodeo clowns. . From the Inside FlapBull Riding is a snapshot of one of the most popular rodeo sports going. From Williams Lake to the Big Show, the Calgary Stampede, Bull Riding captures the intensity and excitement of rodeo’s rankest ride. Floyd Cowan travelled to major rodeos and bull-o-ramas, sometimes with the bull riders themselves, to find out what makes these bold men want to ride some of the toughest bulls around, bulls like Bodacious and Red Rock

Bull riders are a breed of their own. The average bull rider weighs 150 lbs. In no other sport do they have to put their lives on the line and be outmatched 10 to 1 in size. They have to make their own travel arrangements, their own hotel reservations, they have to pick the rodeos they want to go to and when you add it all up, the sport of Pro Rodeo makes all other sports look like games.. They have to pay an entry fee to compete against their best friends to win. There is no team, they have no team coach, no travel director, no manager. while the average bull weighs 1500 to 1800 lbs