Race Car Chassis: Design and Construction (Powerpro)

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Race Car Chassis: Design and Construction (Powerpro)

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Rating : 4.65 (824 Votes)
Asin : 0760302839
Format Type : paperback
Number of Pages : 128 Pages
Publish Date : 0000-00-00
Language : English


The title should have included the term "an overview" If I had known nothing about chassis design and this was the first book I had read, then I would say that this rates rather well and would be more than adequate for a starting point. Having read several books pertaining to suspension geometries, chassis design and construction, composite application and driveline integration in modern race cars, I find it lacking in detail sufficient to actually build a car.In reality, the detail needed to actually design and build a chassis for a specific car would require much more detail than this book provides. Stre. "install style" according to Jon S Henderson. chosen for decision to install o.e.m.. Must have for the serious amatuer car builder. This was the third book I bought after I'd decided to build three Lotus Seven type sports cars. While he discusses many types of chassis designs, materials and construction methods, the author addresses the subject in a logical, easy to understand manner. From the historical context, through the principles influencing chassis development, to the contemporary high performance product. There are also examples of bad engineering faults, to be avoided by advance planning. This approach gives the reader insight that is applicable to all chassis types. This b

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