The Illustrated History of Natural Disasters

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The Illustrated History of Natural Disasters

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Zipp, Choice, Vol. serves as a very visual reminder to readers that these major geological events have been impacting on our society and shaping our history for centuries.” (Jan Lindsay, Bulletin of Volcanology, Vol. Kozák and Cermák … organized images primarily selected from Kozák’s personal collection. This is a timely review of this disaster given the choice of Lisbon by the International Association for Earthquake Engineering to host the 2012 World Conference on Earthquake Engineering. helps us to understand that catastrophes are part of the history of humanity while reminding us of the vulnerability of the human species in the face of natures wrath.” (Alexis Drahos, Nature, Vol. … This book is likely to be of interest to historical geologists, as well as art historians interested in the geological background of the many striking works of art that have been produced &hel

The development of man’s existence down through history has depended upon his understanding of the world in which he lives, and upon his ability to turn to his own best use the materials that were there for the taking. The book represents a golden mean between sci- ti c and popular works.. The natural forces at play, whether they are violent explosions ofvolcanic eruptions or almost imperceptible deformations of subsurface rock strata, nally- sulting in devastating earthquakes, all control the existence and destiny of a certain part of the global population. Protecting himself from them meant comprehending their causes, and the essential core of his understanding was in recording and depicting them. However, he has had not only to furnish himself with food, water, building materials, and energy to protect himself against occasional natural adversities. This book is written for anyone interested in the Earth in general, and in natural disasters in particular, presenting a unique collection of historical illustrations of volcanic eruptions and earthquake events and their repercussions. This book tells the story of the Earth itself, explaining the interplay of its gradual geologi