Understanding Weather

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Understanding Weather

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. Julian Mayes and Karel Hughes are both Senior Lecturers in the Department of Life Sciences, University of Roehampton, UK

Holt, University College NorthamptonIt adopts a slightly different approach to the subject, which I found refreshing.Sevenoaks Chronicle . The use of satellite imagery to support the text is very good. Overall it is a very accessible text that I'm sure students will have no problem getting to grips with.C

The sound of thunder and gales, the smell of damp soil at the start of a summer thunderstorm are but temporary phenomena while the visual panorama of the changing sky that provides a more revealing insight into the workings of the dynamic atmosphere. Understanding Weather shows how it is possible to understand weather and climate by combining our ability to observe weather systems from the earth's surface with visualisation from above - notably by means of satellite imagery. After examining the interaction of atmospheric heat, mois